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Protect your IRA.  IRA’s are not like a house, stock or a bank account.  They come with rules and regulations that must be followed or you can violate the tax code and result in the loss of the tax favored treatment and even incur penalties that you would never be subject to with other assets…. what the government giveth can be taken away.

          Avoid the 5 Common Mistakes:

  1. Trying to avoid income taxes now
  2. Incurring unexpected excise taxes
  3. Losing your IRA to long-term care costs
  4. Paying income & estate tax
  5. Naming your beneficiaries as beneficiary

Protecting your IRA requires a comprehensive look at your goals now and after your passing, not just your income tax concerns or your estate planning needs, long term care needs, or excise or estate tax concerns.  It requires looking at the totality of your goals now, if you become disabled and need long term care, after you die, and the risks of your beneficiaries losing your IRA to their divorce, long term care needs or their other creditors and predators.

*Workshops include a free copy of “Protect Your IRA” co-authored by Attorney Brian G. Isaacson, LLM in Taxation

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