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Tax Planning

We use sophisticated methods of tax reduction and asset protection to help our clients preserve their wealth today and for generations to come. As a certified Attorney-CPA with more than 20 years of experience, Brian Isaacson is uniquely qualified to help you minimize or even eliminate your tax burden and that of your heirs, and in the process protect your legacy. We can help you reduce federal income taxes, estate taxes, generation-skipping transfers, and gift taxes, as well as protect your heirs against inheritance taxes on your estate.

One of the most effective tools we can put to work on your behalf is the Tax Advantage Trust.

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Our Tax Advantage Trust

Our Tax Advantage Trust is an irrevocable trust that reduces the overall amount of your estate that is subject to taxation. It is an extremely useful planning tool for estates worth over $2.1 million (including life insurance policies), as well as for Medicaid planning and protection against lawsuits.

With this trust, an independent trustee of your choosing will manage trust assets during your lifetime, working closely with your financial consultant. The trust allows for generational planning with your financial consultant, providing a continuity in planning after your death. You will have the ability to decide if income earned will be taxed to you, your beneficiaries or to the trust itself.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are today. Don’t lose your assets to excess taxation. Contact us today to schedule a personal meeting to discuss the many benefits of our Tax Advantage Trust and how it can meet your particular needs and goals.