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elderly care quarantine

Taking Care of your Elderly During Quarantine

elderly care quarantine

One of the most heartfelt problems Covid-19 has caused is separation from family members. Unfortunately, the elderly have felt the strain of being on quarantine more than anyone. Seniors, cut off from the care of family, friends, and daily resources, are dealing with extended isolation. 

The problem with leaving seniors alone is that they have routines and regimens to keep them healthy. Loneliness and psychological effects can be harmful. 

“As the pandemic continues, it will be critical to pay attention to how well we as a society support the social and emotional needs of older adults.” -John Piette, Ph.D., University of Michigan’s Institute of Healthcare Policy & Innovation.

An article from the scientific research journal PLOS ONE states, “Amongst the most robust consensus related to the COVID-19 disease is that the elderly are by far the most vulnerable population group.” The journal also describes that the social distancing recommendations for the elderly were hard because people must leave their homes to stay happy and active.

People in assisted living communities struggled deeply with not seeing and spending time with their families. However, strict policies enforced keep seniors safe and alive. The CDC Guidance for Older Adults reports that 78% of Covid deaths in May-Aug 2020 were seniors 65 and older.

You can ease the burden for yourself and your elderly family members with a few simple steps and a whole lot of love. 

Here are a few tips to show you care for your elderly family members during quarantine:

1.) Be sure to make frequent contact with your loved ones if they are alone or in an assisted living facility. It makes them feel so much better, and you will also experience relief. We recommend these ideas and remedies that will help someone feel better fast.

  • If you absolutely can not visit with a loved one, have a staff member set up a Zoom meeting between yourself and your family member.
  • Care packages are a great way to lift a person’s spirits if alone or without family.
  • Send flowers, puzzles, books, games, cards, and anything to let them know you are thinking about them. It also keeps their minds engaged.
  • Window visits have become very popular and guarantee a smile.
  • Make a movie of yourself and your family and send it to them.

2.) Be sure wills, estate planning, healthcare plans, and power of attorney are intact. Estate planning for yourself or a loved one is the best way to avoid stress when approaching financial matters that revolve around illness or death.

  • Washington Elder Law provides an easy 3 step process that will teach you about wills, trusts, power of attorney, healthcare directives, and beneficiary designations.
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